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Exemplary School Practices 


This is a school where students are active in running the school. As karyakartaas children have a Swashaasan (literally self-rule) meeting with the teachers to discuss the issues related to their departments like mess, newspaper, shiksha, guests, T.V .and so on which are run by the children themselves. Also, in a general meeting all children participate and share problems they are facing. In the Saturday Baal Sabhas, conducted by different groups in turn, students share their learnings of the week, show their talents, plan to celebrate anniversaries or important days and in the process, learn the art of leadership and boldness. The weekly newspaper is another forum for the children where they write about their differences or tussles with the teachers, problems in the mess, teacher- teacher fights, village news etc.


Welcome to the unique democratic Adharshila – the TrikonKhidki Wala school where children live and learn. :


Situated on a hill in Sakad, a tribal village in the Barwani district of Madhya Pradesh, this school strives to build a strong foundation for the intellectual and physical development of the child. Its alternative learning- teaching methods aims to give students wings to dream big and go after realizing them. Laying the foundation for ‘self-motivated individuals whose actions are guided by their inner calling and conscience, rather than by what others say or do’, Trikon Khikiwala School is a unique experiment in education.


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