Technology usually fascinates people but the use of technology in education has grey areas. Biggest challenge is engaging the audience & after you engage them, keeping them engaged by breaking the monotony. You and your team have been surprising me everyday. I am sure others are feeling the same.

Every tool you are presenting has context oriented utility. I personally feel a tool without the right intention is nothing but a technological burden. How to use a tool and to what extent it should be exploited is a very sensitive issue. Exposing the children to the digital world needs moderation and guidance. The only way to achieve it is by sensitising and training the teachers, which the sessions are doing in an excellent way.

Assignments and activities are really creative and empowering, even a procrastinator like me feels like submitting the assignments. How a context driven activity can get you in action and you jump your threshold and start exploring your surroundings to curate and create teaching aids, was my takeaway while doing the image/video making session. Features like forming breakout rooms, the mentors visiting each room, use of audio visual tools, etc., all are so very intriguing.

Overall, the experience is getting enriched with every coming session. The content in the presentations are very creative and just watching them brings a smile to your face. I am really enjoying it as I feel I have time-travelled to my school days. The only difference is that the classes are more fun filled and more liberal. I am waiting to see how students respond to these fun filled new normal classrooms.”

Subeer Kangsabanik,
Teacher Developer, Royal Society of Chemistry, India